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The way we share our culture

An innovative cultural hub for professionals and students. The way we share our sustainability and know-how

Manteco is the leading textile company for sustainability and sustainable luxury. All this thanks to its fabrics and its responsible practices, which involve unique circular economy projects, such as Project 43 and Project 53; rigorous internal policies, such as Zero-Waste and Sustainable Design. In our opinion, being a flagship for such an important subject entails many responsibilities and duties. In fact, all our knowledge would be wasted if we did not share it. This is the reason why, from 2018 on, Manteco has opened its doors, by establishing an innovative cultural hub where professionals and students from all over the world have the chance to learn and experience the art of textile making, circular economy and sustainability.

Manteco Academy is a meeting point where people and the art of making fabrics constantly intersect,

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