Manteco® Casentino Lane spinning mill

Manteco® owns Casentino Lane, a historic spinning mill located in the Casentino area, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a unique biodiversity hotspot, home to textile art since the 1300s.

This new facility was acquired in 2023, and thanks to this, we have internalized a key phase, such as the spinning, in the production of our high-quality, carded wool fabrics, both with MWool® fibers, the next generation of recycled wool, and ReviWool® fibers, low-impact virgin wool.

The spinning facility measures more than 4000m2, it is also equipped with an extremely modern coning machine, it counts 27 specialized workers and an annual production capacity of more than 700’000 kgs of yarn. All of this will lead to an improvement in productivity and quality, ensuring more traceability and trasparency. 

“We have just completed a crucial operation to ensure excellence in our supply chain, but this is only the first step. The factory will undergo significant investments in sustainability and innovation,” said Marco Mantellassi, CEO of Manteco®.

“We are proud and delighted to be able to preserve a historic and highly specialized carded spinning mill, with which we have had a partnership for many years. Since day one, we have shared a path of innovation and research, placing great importance on sustainability and the circular economy,” said Matteo Mantellassi, CEO of Manteco®.

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