Our respect for global standards, animal welfare and biodiversity

Certifications & Resources

Producing our luxury fabrics is not only a matter of know-how and heritage, but also respecting our core sustainable values and bearing the fashion world’s responsibilities.

Here at Manteco, we firmly believe that every step is essential in order to create the best product possible and certifications are key pillars for our business to meet contemporary fashion needs . This is the reason why every single link of the supply chain behind our company must absolutely respect the global standards.

Sustainability, a circular economy approach, proper chemical management, respect for biodiversity, animal welfare, environmental and social responsibility are fundamental features that high-end Manteco fabrics must have. Certifications are key pillars for our business to be aligned with the highest standards. Our fabrics are a guarantee for our customers, not only thanks to the certifications we obtained, but also thanks to our Manteco System, which has been trying for years to improve even more responsible standards in terms of environment, transparency, employment and equal rights, making the company taking responsibility for people well-being.

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