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The extended and traceable circular economy project by Manteco

The perfect represention of all fabrics' infinite life

The perfect represention of all fabrics' infinite life

Since we believe that every fabric, leftover and scrap must have an infinite life, we thought we had to come up with a new approach and play a key role in drastically reducing textile waste. Our well-known commitment to a sustainable innovation has always led us to think about textile waste produced worldwide by the fashion industry.

So, after reducing to “Zero Waste” our production, creating qualities that are designed to be recycled, conceiving Project43 to recover scraps coming from our fabrics, we came up with Project 53, another transparent, traceable and revolutionary circular economy project.

The purpose of Project 53 is to recycle leftovers from the garment making processes which involve other manufacturer’s fabrics, other textile elements, such as second-class knits.

Project53 is the result of a smart circular economy by Manteco, which combines our heritage and our reliability in the field of regenerating and recycling. By adhering to this project, Manteco will be your single interlocutor in making a sustainable use of your textile waste and fabric leftovers, providing your brand with an excellent storytelling tool and a certificate for sustainability and great commitment for the enviroment.

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