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The world's first LCA applied on recycled wool fabrics

After years of assessments and in-depth studies, we managed to achieve a certified Life Cycle Assessment calculation

We have studied the environmental impact of our iconic Bi Bye Recycled, by taking into consideration each stage of its production, from the raw materials to the final fabric, then compared it to an equivalent fabric made with generic virgin wool. Our goal was to create reliable data that could demonstrate our products’ sustainability and that could facilitate decisions on where to act for making improvements.

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We are currently extending Life Cycle Assessments to all our recycled fabrics

There is no sustainability or improvement without real and certified data. This is the reason why we are extending the study to all our recycled fabrics

The studies are carried out following UNI EN ISO 14040, UNI EN ISO 14044 and UNI EN ISO 14025 regulations. We factor in the global warming potential [kg CO2-eq], the reduction potential of the stratospheric ozone layer [kg CFC11-eq], the potential acidification [kg SO2-eq], the eutrophication potential [kg PO4 3-eq], exhaustion potential of abiotic fossil resources [MJ], the potential for depletion of non-fossil abiotic resources [kg Sb-eq], the use of renewable primary energy resources [MJ], the use of non-renewable primary energy resources [MJ] and the use of net fresh water [m3].


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