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The next generation of recycled wool

The key ingredient of our high-end recycled wool fabrics, the result of our passion, more than 80 years of heritage, know-how and innovation.

A recycled wool that distinguishes itself for an accurate selection of the best possible raw materials, a cutting-edge and low-impact mechanical recycling process of pre and post-consumer knits, a masterful blending and color creation through our Recype® process, a painstaking quality control, our Durability Treatment, all guaranteed by our Manteco System supply chain.

The key ingredient of our high-end recycled wool fabrics

  • The base of our RECYPE® color creation process, which involves no dyes or chemicals
  • Available in more than 1000 recycled colors, obtained without adding chemicals or dyes.
  • The world’s first recycled wool – and still the only one - to be assessed by an LCA (life-cycle assessment) study to calculate its impact
  • A guarantee in terms of quality, thanks to a great selection of raw materials and a masterful processing
  • A symbol of color brilliance, durability, resilience and sanification thanks to our patented Durability Treatment
  • A proof of constant research and innovation to find new circular solutions for fashion

MWool® was chosen as a symbol of innovation, sustainability and circularity in the fashion world at the Italian Pavillion of Biennale Architettura 2021

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