What is a cookie?
Cookies are text files containing small pieces of information that are stored on the user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone) when you visit a website. Cookies allow the site to “remember” the user’s computer, but not specifically who uses it, and to make the browsing experience more enjoyable. By associating the cookie identification codes with other information relating to the user, such as, for example, the data collected when the user logs in to the site, it is possible to know that the information contained in the cookie concerns the user.


For what purpose do we use cookies?
Cookies are generally used for various purposes, such as allowing navigation between the pages of a site efficiently, applying user preferences and, more generally, improving user navigation by customizing the site on the basis of the user’s browsing habits and his profile. Cookies can also help make the advertisements that are viewed by online users more in line with them and their interests.


Type of cookies used
There are various types of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions:
technical cookies, which are used for the sole purpose of transmitting a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user. In other words, these are cookies that are essential for the operation of www.manteco.com or necessary to perform the activities requested by you. This type of cookie is present on our site in order to manage the multilingual function through the WPML plugin.
analytics cookies, used to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users of www.manteco.com and the pages viewed. This type of cookie is present on our site.
third party cookies, Manteco uses third party cookies for some functions. In particular, the site uses Google Maps for geolocation, and Google Analytics to analyze the use of the site itself. The cookies of these two services anonymously manage information on the behavior of visitors to the site, are transmitted directly to Google and processed by it according to the policy available at: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en.
For more complete information on the processing of personal data, please read our Privacy Policy. A complete overview of the cookies we use on our website can be found below.


CategoryList of cookiesTypePeriodFinality
Technical cookies 





Navigation and functionality cookies 

Permanent (Cookie_notice_accepted)

They are used for the sole purpose of ensuring the correct functioning of the Site and improving the service rendered by allowing easier navigation, or (eg the language,  to check if cookies can be placed).


Analytical cookies 




Google AnalyticsFrom 1 day up to 2 yearsThey are used to anonymously monitor and for statistical purposes how the visitor uses the Site, allowing us to optimize the functioning of the Site and offer a better browsing experience.


Sharing of information

The information collected by Manteco using cookies will not be shared with third parties, with agencies and advertising service providers that Manteco uses and Manteco’s IT service providers (for example, hosting service providers).


Management of preferences regarding Cookies

The user has the possibility to choose at any time whether to accept or refuse the use of cookies simply by changing the settings of their browser.

Most internet navigation programs (browsers) automatically accept cookies but you can set your browser to receive a warning message each time an operator tries to send cookies to the user, and / or to prevent its acceptance. Most browsers report information on how to prevent the storage of cookies in the browser or how to receive a warning message before accepting cookies or how to disable all cookies.

Below, the user can find, for each browser, the pages that describe the settings in more detail:

If the user uses more than one browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) it is necessary to repeat the procedure with each of them and if he uses more devices to connect to the internet, it is necessary to set his preferences on each browser of each device.

Warning: the complete disabling of cookies from the browser could compromise the correct functionality of some parts of the Manteco site, such as – for example – the normal navigation between the pages of the site or the possibility to make purchases, up to the loss of the personalization functions thus that the offer of advertisements during the visit of the site may not be targeted based on the user’s interests.



For more information about cookies, questions or suggestions, please contact Manteco S.p.a., based in Montemurlo (PO), Via della Viaccia n. 19 – 59013, e-mail digital@manteco.com , tel. +39 05746261.

The data controller for the purposes of this policy on the use of cookies is the company Manteco S.p.A., available at +39 05746261.


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