Since 1943

Since 1943

The starting point

Enzo Anacleto Mantellassi acquires a spinning mill destroyed by the war and starts producing sustainable yarns by regenerating old military garments and covers, starting the creation of what nowadays is MWool Recycled

The first looms

Enzo Anacleto Mantellassi buys the first looms and starts the production of recycled carded wool fabrics for garments

Lanificio San Marco is born

Enzo Anacleto Mantellassi establishes Lanificio San Marco, what we now know as Manteco, and start expanding with new buildings

Becoming part of Confindustria

Lanificio San Marco becomes part of Confindustria and starts growing in Northern Europe markets

The first growth

The post-war economy booms. Lanificio San Marco grows a lot and starts building a new and modern factory, which was designed by "Il Patio" architecture studio

The new headquarter

Lanificio San Marco's new head quarter is inaugurated and stands out for its green spots and its social sustainability, thanks to the background music played in all working areas

The arrival of Franco Mantellassi

Enzo Anacleto Mantellassi dies unexpectedly and Franco Mantellassi takes control of his father's company

Lanificio Franco Mantellassi is born

Franco Mantellassi renames the company as Lanificio Franco Mantellassi and starts innovating, experimenting new collections and enhancing regenerated colors

The creation of MWool

Lanificio Franco Mantellassi conceives and creates its own recipes and yarns with No-dye colors

Manteco - Mantellassi Compagnia Tessile

The company changes its name to Mantellassi Compagnia Tessile, that is Manteco, but it maintains the emblem of Lanificio San Marco, which was created by Enzo Anacleto Mantellassi

Gaining international fame

Manteco gains international fame, it starts expanding its markets by opening commercial offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Los Angeles

The first commitment for art and culture

Manteco shows its love and commitment for art and culture by being one of the founders of Centro Per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, in Prato

The arrival of Matteo and Marco Mantellassi

Matteo and Marco Mantellassi, after their graduations, join their father Franco at the head of the company

BiBye® is born

Manteco creates BiBye®, its iconic double fabric that becomes an excellence in the fashion world

The new headquarter

Manteco inaugurates the current complex, with new offices, new departments and showrooms

Zero-Waste policy is born

Manteco adopts its green Zero-Waste policy, which aims at saving and regenerating the waste produced during production processes

Pushing industrial archeology

Manteco buys and restores a series of abandoned warehouses to expand the company even more and starts becoming a flagship for industrial archeology

The graduation of Franco Mantellassi

Franco Mantellassi graduates in electronic engineering and at the age of 80

The creation of Archivio Manteco and Manteco Academy

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the company inaugurates its unique Archivio Manteco and the innovative Manteco Academy

Project43 sets new standards for circular economy

Manteco creates Project43, an innovative and traceable circular economy projects. The European Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska visits Manteco and defines it as a great example for circular economy and sustainability

The world first company to apply an LCA on recycled wool

Manteco becomes the world's first company to ever apply a Life Cycle Assessment on wool, obtaining a certification by ICEA

That's how we became Manteco

Recounted by Franco Mantellassi

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