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Our circular economy-driven design policy

We developed a Sustainable Design policy to create durable and recyclable wool textiles, in order to enable a positive circular economy for us and our customers

We know we cannot directly take actions to ensure that garments are designed and manufactured for rental, resale, repair, remaking, and an eventual disassembly and recycling, but we can for sure influence all of this. Thanks to our textiles’ durability – and recyclabilitywe enable fashion brands to create garments and accessories that can circulate at their highest value through rental, resale, repair and remaking, before eventually being recycled.

Considering the average components of a garment, we can assume that almost 80% (or even more) of its « circularity » is defined by textiles, as they include many critical factors. Our design policy is based on the most important eco-design rules, such as choosing recyclable raw materials, using them alone or blending them responsibly to create recyclable composition, then weaving – or knitting – and finishing them to avoiding patterns, coatings, and bonding, and enable durability. Thanks to this policy, nowadays, more than 500 textiles of our collection are 100% recyclable (in our specialized supply chain), and it is also worth highlighting that among these we also find our bestsellers products. In fact, every year, approximately 90% of the total fabric we sell is recyclable in our closed-loop system.


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