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Our traceable, transparent and zero-mile supply chain

MSystem is a unique network of 50+ expert textile businesses involved in the creation of our high-end fabrics.

We operate in Europe’s biggest textile district, where thousands of subcontractors are specialized in different textile phases. Since 1943, generation after generation, we have created and enhanced our supply chain of highly-selected partners, by carefully maintaining firm the fundamental values of our company, such as quality, transparency, traceability and sustainability. Every single partner uses its skills, know-how and machines to make sure that our final products meet the highest standards and represent the quality and reliability of Made in Italy. Nowadays, this network counts more than 50 partners, which are located within an area of 10 miles and work closely with us, from raw material sourcing to the final fabrics.

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It is like a textile orchestra, where every partner is an essential instrument in order to archieve the perfect performance

All our partners are certified, in order to guarantee the respect of environmental and social standards

All our partners strictly follow the official Manteco’s Charter of Supply Chain Commitments, where we have defined our goals and high standards in terms of environmental, social and organisational responsibility. But other than that, they have the most important certifications in the fashion industry, such as Global Recycled Standard (GRS), Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and Organic Content Standard (OCS). 

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All our partners are digitally traced and mapped, in order to guarantee full transparency

After our numerous IT investments, nowadays, our MSystem supply chain is digitally traced and fully transparent. Thanks to our MTrace software, we are able to trace every single step of production processes down to the smallest detail, from raw material sourcing to spinning, from coning to warping, from weaving to finishing; and we have also integrated these data with external and internal quality tests. As a consequence, thanks to our MData software, which allows us for an integrated data management, we are able to gather all this information and make customized – and easy going – reports for our customers.

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Watch the full movie that shows MSystem, our traceable, transparent and zero-mile supply chain


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