Mona-Fee Kienle's "Conspirasea" wins the MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD 2022 organized with IED Milano

Mona-fee Kienle presented a collection called "Conspirasea", inspired by Ali Tabrizi's documentary Seaspiracy (2021), manufactured with heritage Manteco fabrics

Another 2022’s MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD, this time in collaboration with IED Milano. As the winner, Mona-Fee Kienle, has it in her project: “Through my design, I aim to spread awareness about the fragility of the oceanic ecosystem, the possibilities of saving it as well as to highlight the intrinsic connection between humans and the sea. There is a certain paradox about how we think about ocean pollution. We are led to believe that we can protect the oceans by simply reducing our everyday use of plastic. Even though this should be an important concern in our daily lives, the truth behind most of the ocean pollution lies elsewhere. Large transnational fishing companies are the true culprit behind ocean pollution, where overfishing, ghost nets, discarded fishing equipment, bycatch and many other aspects of their operations cause massive strain on the oceanic systems and marine life.”

Since it is considered a mirror of society, fashion can be a way to reflect. Through this collection, Mona-Fee Kienle aspires to bring the great significance of the ocean as well as its current condition a little closer towards our collective awareness.

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“I am very proud that my project has been supported by the Italian fabric manufacturer MANTECO. As one of the winners of the Manteco Sustainability Award, I was provided with fabrics from the company […] Fashion landfills are increasing year by year and using deadstock fabrics is a good step to counteract this phenomenon and promote the circular economy in the system, reusing the existing one.”

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