"PLUS Project" wins the MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD 2022 organized with Istituto Marangoni Milano

The second 2022's MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD, in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Milano

The Manteco Sustainability Award is a fashion contest for all those students who want to test their skills in terms of actual eco-design. Each student must present a capsule collection project and explain the reasons why it is in line with the eco-design philosophy. Manteco evaluated all the projects by considering the following points: choice of raw materials, design and lookAll of this by giving most importance to the actual recyclability and subsequent impact of the presented collection. Istituto Marangoni Milano’s students were asked to think circular and create a 100% eco-designed garment, entirely recyclable and sustainable, as our contest dictates.

Michael Dalla Valle, Ginevra Bellatreccia, Ilaria Carli and Giulia Tomasi, all together in "PLUS PROJECT"

Composer image

As the students have it in their project presentation: “We now live in a society subject to consumerism, in which always having new things, changing frequently and following trends are the order of the day. We thought of designing garments that could be functional for multiple occasions, with an essential, clean, timeless design, adaptable to every situation and every need for change in fashion”. A genderless, circular and minimal garment, characterized by linear cuts and a very precise structure. The winning garment is a coat made of a 100% recycled and recyclable, 100% MWool® fabric by Manteco, in three different Recype® colors.

As the winners have it and printed on the label: "Do not limit this garment to a single occasion, do not limit your personality"

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