The amazing project called "P 3 R M F R S T", made by Miguel Alonso Frutos, Mireia Planas Cantò, Isabella Rangel Armas, Alejandro Rodriguez Seoane, won UDIT + Manteco Academy's 2023 MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD

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Permafrost is made up of soil, rocks, sand, and organic matter (plant and animal remains), held together by ice. It is in these organic remains that carbon is captured [and] if it is released in vast quantities, it could become one of the main sources of pollution on the planet. The increase in global temperature due to climate crisis has been especially highlited in the Arctic, which is heating up three times faster then the rest of the globe. This situation would have several consequences, not only in Western civilization, but for many other forgotten people, especially those first affected, the indigenous communities of the Arctic, such as the Inuit.

Their religion claims that the inuit is divided into 3 axes: name, body and spirit. In this way, the “name” of this project means its reason and object, the permafrost. The “body” is determined by the matter of the proposal, the coat. And finally, the “soul” of this is its meaning: sustainability, which is the fundamental aspect on which Manteco´s philosophy and the essence of P3RMFRST are based. On the other hand, the project in question is nourished by the way of life and habits of the inuit, a culture based on making the most of the resources their environment offers. In this way, we are talking about a garment that takes into account parameters such as the use of the animal for a different purpose: tools, clothing, ornaments, hunting utensils, etc.

A look into the future, approaching to sustainability beyond the resource, paying attention to its empowerment through its manipulation and the working method

As the winners have it “Experimentation, enrichment, learning, connection, awareness, advancement and future. P3RMFRST has been the ideal reason to deepen our training and to focus on a look towards future, determined by the adaptation to current situations, working with leading and reputable issues and resources thanks to Manteco´s support. On the other hand, this has been also a reason why getting into the current social reality and the current environmental issue; but also to get closer and get to know individuals and groups working in the system according to this issues. All this has conditioned the way we have worked as well as the way we have focused this project. This project has allowed us to experiment with new ways of working, new difficulties, new materials, getting to know new colleagues, working into new disciplines, new techniques, new computer tools; in short, new fields of this world we intend to get into.”

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