Designskolen Kolding + Manteco Academy's 2023 MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD

Have you ever seen a coat that can cover 4 different sizes by just adapting small bolts? This is the project called "Metamorphosize", made by Jannie Sloth Hansen, who won Designskolen Kolding + Manteco Academy's 2023 MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD

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The project is based on the idea of creating one coat. A universal outerwear garment which can follow the client throughout life. The project is called “metamorphosize” as the design can change its physical form and structure and, over time, develop in shape and size to adapt to the user.

This coat contains sizerange from 34-42 to easily be adjusted by its user over time as the body ages and changes. The project aims to prolong the lifespan of a garment and to embrace body diversity and different aesthetic taste to optimize usability.

The garment is adjustable in sleeve and side width and has a dropped shoulder, taking into account the most critical points of growth.

To adjust the coat the user must unscrew the small bolts and move them inwards or outwards as desired.

The curvature in the sleeve and side provide the user with a flexible system of slimming og widening the silhouette to fit the shape of the body.

Working with Manteco® fabrics was a great experience and I definitely see myself working with their material and vision again in the future.

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“Knowing the processes behind the manufacturing and coloring of the textiles, and how Manteco works with sustainability throughout their whole process has been a great motivation for creating a concept and design that also aspires to create a better future.”

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