ESNE + Manteco Academy for the first-ever MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD

The first-ever MANTECO SUSTAINABILITY AWARD was arranged with ESNE, Escuela Universitaria de Diseno, Innovacion y Tecnologia.

It is a fashion contest for all those students who want to test their skills in terms of actual eco-design. Each student must present a capsule collection project and explain the reasons why it is in line with the well-known eco-design philosophy. Manteco evaluated all the projects by considering the following points: choice of raw materials, design and look. All of this by giving most importance to the actual recyclability and subsequent impact of the presented collection.

4 groups of students took part into this contest, and the winner was GROUP 1: Marina Winternitz, Albert Dejond, Carmen Murillo, MªPaz Jiménez, Laura Varela, with an amazing project called "Tibet"

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Tibet, a historic and autonomous region of China that is often called “the roof of the world” because of its high altitude, was the main inspiration of their collection. They chose this topic because of its enriching colors, textures and materials. It occupies a vast area of plateaus and mountains in Central Asia, including Mount Everest so naturally, mountain climbing is one of the main activities of the area and has been practiced since ancient times. For these reasons, their collection was composed of elements such as carabiners, ropes, and classic mountain knots as well as garments inspired by typical mountain climbing clothes and gear but with an updated and modern touch. In addition, their garments followed the color palette seen in the surrounding areas of Tibet, including browns, blues, greens and snow white.

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As the winners have it: "We took into consideration the way MANTECO recycles old garments and made these accessories easy to take off and therefore speeding up the recycling process."

“For our design proposal, we chose our materials based on natural fibers that environmentally friendly. The choice of natural fibers is due to the fact that they are a more natural and sustainable option than synthetic fibers, being a totally renewable resource. They are fibers that require less energy than synthetic fibers, and are a biodegradable option. The ropes we have used are 100% recycled cotton certified by the 100 Oeko-tex standard, certifying that they do not contain any harmful substances, neither for health nor for the environment thus combining it with the sustainability of natural fibers. The production of the carabiners and rings is also carried out using the a 3 D printer. They are pieces created from PLA, an ecofriendly material that takes only 2 years to degrade because it is obtained from natural resources. A polymer produced from lactic acid that makes it a more sustainable and biodegradable material.”

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