"Sorting the wardrobe" - IUAV Design School and Manteco for a daily uniform

If these students are the future, we really think that fashion can change and turn into a responsible industry.

The amazing students of LAB. DESIGN DELLA MODA 2 (BA in Fashion design) at IUAV , a university that has a long-term relationship with our Manteco Academy project, have participated in the latest Swiss Institute‘s workshop, which  was dedicated to contemporary forms of sustainability. Do you remember the Dieter Rams’ 10 Timeless Commandments for Good Design? According to him, a valuable design:

  1. Is innovative
  2. Makes a product useful
  3. Is aesthetic
  4. Makes a product understandable
  5. Is unobtrusive
  6. Is honest
  7. Is long-lasting
  8. Is thorough down to the last detail
  9. Is environmentally friendly
  10. Involves as little design as possible

Well, the 35 students who took part into the workshop teamed up and came up with not a simply good, but a GREAT design. They created a “daily uniform” that not only embraces all of these points,but also some new features that are getting more and more important into the world of sustainable fashion (and more): it is in fact also genderless, ageless, adaptable and extremely versatile.

So the students started trying to define what the role of a fashion designer should be, considering the critical issues about sustainability in the contemporary world.

“We believe that fashion designers must act as a guide, with a conscious and versatile attitude, towards the needs and desires of the public nowadays”. This was the starting point – and concept of the design process that led to the definition of a “daily uniform” which, while paying particular attention to the issues of environmental impact, maintains a careful vision of both formal and functional aspects. Thanks to the collaboration with Manteco, and through a collaborative approach, the students tried to propose an example of what an ideal sustainable fashion project should be today.

In order to work on such a tough project, the students needed to choose between a wide range of fabrics, which was proudly supplied by Manteco

Composer image

They chose the theme of the “daily uniform” because it represents a sustainable approach to design: beautiful, versatile, adaptable to different body types and seasons, genderless and ageless. As the students have it, “We suggest a fluid and timeless wardrobe, capable of giving a positive and innovative echo in response to the needs of the contemporary scene.”

The outer part: a modular coat with an additional wool coat underneath

The outer coat has been crafted from Manteco’s PLUVIA cotton fabric, for a wind-resistant and waterproof finish. The raglan sleeve allows a versatile fit that can dress any body type and gender. A system of drawstrings and button arrangement set in strategic places allow the transformation of the garment in order to be adaptable to the current urban lifestyle. The front of the coat has a system of hidden pockets following the frontal cut. a set of removable gusset pockets can not only be placed on both sides of the garment but also be attached on the belt: this allows the wearer to be his own designer. In addition to that, there is also a detachable hood that can eventually be turned into a bag when separated from the coat. In order to fit in every weather condition, an additional undercoat made of Bi Bye can be layered underneath the outer one. This layering piece is double faced, made out of both jersey and wool fabric. Invoking the silhouette of the outer coat, it also features a set of drawstrings, raglan sleeves and side slits that allow the bottom hem to be attached on the shoulders for a shorter fit. The drawstrings are placed horizontally in order to tighten it up.

The inner part: an adaptable and versatile wool jersey set

A jersey set composed of a shirt/dress and trousers completes the essential wardrobe. The shirt has both raglan sleeves and the same cut as the outercoat. The drawstrings run vertically in pairs on both the front and the back.
The trouser has an elasticated waistband and two sets of pockets: slash pockets on the front and flapped pockets on the back. In this garment as well there are two sets of drawstrings to adjust the length and the silhouette.

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