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Performing, Durable, Luxurious

Iconic wool double fabrics

Bi Bye® is the original and unique carded wool double fabric by Manteco

A registered product that can be made with our exclusive MWool®, the next generation of recycled wool, or ReviWool®, the low impact virgin wool. A luxury fabric that is defined by a modern yet classic look, high performance, functionality, versatility, sustainability and circularity, since it is designed to be recycled in the future. It was created by our design team, crafting a zero-waste luxury fabric made with carefully selected raw materials that undergoes unique construction and processing techniques within our unique Manteco System. Bi Bye® is available in a great variety of weaves and finishings, allowing designers to obtain many different results, from classic and elegant to more sporty looks. More than 270 colors, in different finishings, are available in stock and ready to be shipped.

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