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2022 | 09 | 12 Manteco on THE SPIN OFF

Manteco on THE SPIN OFF

During the last August edition of Munich Fabric Start the round table "Manteco X Marc O'Polo – Recycled Wool as a Key for Circular Fashion" took place. Participating the talk were Marco Mantellassi, co-CEO, Manteco, Prof. Marzia Traverso, full professor and director of Institute of Sustainability in Civil Engineering (INaB), RWTH Aachen University, Simone Sommer, head of sustainable materials & innovation, Marc O’Polo. Moderating the talk was Maria Cristina Pavarini, senior features editor international, The SPIN OFF/Textilwirtschaft [...]
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2022 | 09 | 01 Manteco on GOOD ON YOU

Manteco on GOOD ON YOU

Recycled wool, like that traditionally processed in Italy by Manteco, reduces the environmental and ethical impacts significantly and, with so much of the fibre already in circulation, is becoming a desired recyclable option. It’s also diverse and easy to mix with other materials such as fleece. The industry is beginning to see less demand for virgin wool with the higher value placed on discarded garments or offcuts in the manufacturing process. [...]
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2022 | 08 | 31 Manteco on SPRINGWISE


ZERO-WASTE LUXURY WOOL MADE FROM RECYCLED GARMENTS [...] Thousands of litres of water are used in the production of a single t-shirt, making textile recycling a highly effective method of reducing water pollution, landfill, and greenhouse gas emissions. Now, an Italian luxury fabric company has mastered the art of wool recycling to create a fully circular, high-end fabric that is completely traceable. Using mechanical recycling, Manteco transforms pre-consumer scraps and leftovers, post-consumer garments and, industrial waste into a soft, durable and sustainably coloured yarns and fabrics. [...]

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2022 | 08 | 31 Manteco on THE SPIN OFF

Manteco on THE SPIN OFF

[...] Some of the campaign's highlights such as the checkered men's over shirt or the oversized vest are made of innovative MWool recycled wool. These fabrics were developed by the traditional Italian fabric manufacturer Manteco. The company pioneered the measurement of resource savings in the first life-cycle analysis for recycled wool, and has developed an innovative process to produce wool dyes without a dyeing process through a complex sorting and blending system of the raw material. This manual process, which finds the right formulation for each color, is called Recype.

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2022 | 08 | 10 Manteco on ISTITUTO MARANGONI MAGAZINE


The second edition of the Sustainability Award 2022 contest, launched by Manteco, a leader in the production of recycled fabrics and wools since 1973, in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Fashion has come to an end. The contest aimed to encourage young creatives to reflect on the concept of circular fashion and raise awareness among the younger generations on the importance of increasingly sustainable fashion [...]

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2022 | 08 | 08 Manteco on CORRIERE DELLA SERA L’ECONOMIA


Manteco, filiera tessile centrale "L’economia circolare va difesa". Il caro bollette sta mettendo in crisi il comparto del tessile di Prato. Un distretto che tra produzione di tessuti, filati e abbigliamento dà lavoro a oltre 42 mila addetti, con 2,5 miliardi di esportazioni. «La situazione è grave. L’aumento del costo del gas e dell’energia elettrica rischia di far chiudere molte imprese, soprattutto quelle più piccole, a conduzione familiare, che sono fondamentali per far funzionare l’intero sistema». A lanciare l’allarme è Marco Mantellassi, ceo di Manteco, azienda di famiglia fondata nel 1943, leader nei tessuti per abbigliamento in lana riciclata di alta gamma, che quest’anno ha visto aumentare il suo portafoglio ordini ben oltre la media del settore [...]

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2022 | 08 | 02 Manteco on LAMPOON

Manteco on LAMPOON

Companies like Prato-based Manteco have honed advanced methods to recycle wool from pre and post-consumer waste. However, the future of renewable materials will have to rely on various sources. This is not dissimilar to the shift the energy industry is experiencing as we move away from coal, gas and oil [...]
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2022 | 08 | 02 Manteco on LUXURY SOCIETY


There’s a revolution brewing in the beating heart of Italy’s textile industry, one where technology meets innovation crossed with the higher purpose of achieving circularity within the supply chain. If it sounds like a mouthful, it is. And trying to achieve these objectives is no small feat. And yet there are companies out there doing just that. In the sleek, modern setting of Manteco’s factory in Prato, Florence, there is a sense of purpose in the air. In one room, an archivist documents the company’s whole entire catalogue of fabrics into a digital reference library, in another, state-of-the-art machines rip apart recycled wool to be reformed into a new piece of fabric and in yet another, a technician oversees the meticulously testing of fabric to ensure its quality and durability [...]
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2022 | 07 | 22 Manteco on VOGUE

Manteco on VOGUE

Si deve ad Alessandro Vigilante l’irruzione del dancewear nelle collezioni moda: non un capriccio passeggero bensì un battesimo di nuovi pezzi basici, già irrinunciabili per ogni stile e in tutte le stagioni. [...] Anche la mia ultima collezione invernale è ecosostenibile all’85%, tutto certificato, grazie alla collaborazione con Manteco, azienda leader nei tessuti di ultima generazione».  [...]
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2022 | 07 | 19 Manteco on THE MATERIALS’ GREEN BOOK by Superzoom

Manteco on THE MATERIALS’ GREEN BOOK by Superzoom

Certifications are very important and in the last three years they have almost become fundamental for brands, as they help trace the supply chain and ensure compliance with as much as possible social and environmental standards from upstream to downstream [...]
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