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2021 | 07 | 09 Manteco on WWD

Manteco on WWD

Manteco, a sustainable and circular economy champion based in the outskirts of Prato, Italy, which has offered recycled wool since 1943, last month opened its New York offices, a sign of resilience of its upcyled fabrics “a product that is luxurious and beautiful, as well as sustainable and certified,” said Matteo Mantellassi, the company’s CEO. Manteco, too, managed to contain its losses in 2020, closing down 15 percent compared to 2019. [...] Manteco introduced its MWoolpre- and post-consumer upcycled wool range the Recype dyeing technique. The company’s artisans mix and match different fibers with their color shades to achieve each of the 1,000 nuances available, saving around 43,000 kilograms of dyes and 17 million liters of water each year. In keeping with its zero-waste mission, the mill launched the Project43 and Project53 take-back programs, collecting internal production waste and discarded textiles and knits coming from other companies or consumers, respectively. At Milano Unica it also introduced Pure, a patented recycled fabric that, unlike elsewhere, is made of 100 percent wool without combining it with other fibers [...]

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2021 | 07 | 09 Manteco on The Spin Off

Manteco on The Spin Off

Manteco, a longtime expert in the production of fabrics with recycled fibers, has developed a new sustainable project. Going back in past cotton history, it discovered the Indian Charkha, one of the oldest known forms of spinning wheels used in ancient times for producing precious and elegantly uneven yarns. This tool is also a symbol as Mahatma Gandhi encouraged the Indians to spin their own cloth, thus making it a symbol of self-sufficiency and freedom. Inspired by this story, Manteco studied a special multicount cotton yarn with the same handspun effect and beauty, made with a blend of 70% GRS certified pre-consumer cotton and 30% of OCS certified organic cotton, giving life to a vast array of artisanal-looking, elegantly uneven and 100% responsible fabrics.

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2021 | 07 | 09 Manteco on Fashion Network

Manteco on Fashion Network

Ad aggiungersi per la prima volta nell'ambito di Who is on next? il Premio Manteco, sostenuto dall'omonima azienda tessile, nata in Toscana nel 1941 e oggi leader a livello mondiale nella produzione di tessuti di lusso e pratiche sostenibili. L'azienda supporterà il designer Alessandro Vigilante, con la fornitura dei propri tessuti per la realizzazione di due collezioni [...]

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2021 | 05 | 25 MWool® at the Italian Pavilion of Biennale Architettura 2021

MWool® at the Italian Pavilion of Biennale Architettura 2021

MWool was chosen as a symbol of innovation, sustainability and circularity in the fashion world. The ceiling of the Prato section is decorated with the next-generation of recycled wool. An installation that shows the phases of a Manteco recycled wool fabric’s creation, all of this by following the colors of the Italian flag, in honor of the place that sees the birth and creation of these precious products. As Matteo Mantellassi, CEO of Manteco Spa states, “the contamination of ideas and innovation between fashion and architecture are increasingly important and it is a pride for us, with MWool® and our research towards sustainability, to be present in these places, which represent history, beauty and culture, just like Manteco“ [...]
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2019 | 01 | 14 Manteco on MDS

Manteco on MDS

Mantellassi family continues at the front of this family business located in Prato, one of the Italian cradles of textile. Even though in the last decades Chinese clothing manufacturers have been writing the last chapter of textile history in that town, some historic companies still use the made in Italy label as a value-added [...]
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2021 | 07 | 09 Manteco on Pambianco News

Manteco on Pambianco News

Ad aggiungersi per la prima volta nell’ambito di ‘Who is on next?’ il Premio Manteco, sostenuto dall’omonima azienda tessile, andato al designer Alessandro Vigilante, con la fornitura dei propri tessuti per lo sviluppo delle collezioni autunno/inverno e primavera/estate [...]

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2021 | 07 | 08 Manteco on MF Fashion

Manteco on MF Fashion

I tre designer non sono stati gli unici a ricevere un premio nell’ambito di Wion 2021. Alessandro Vigilante, con le sue silhouette seducenti, ha colpito Manteco, azienda tessile fondata in Toscana nel 1941, al punto da convincere l’azienda a conferirgli il neonato premio Manteco e a supportarlo nella realizzazione delle prossime collezioni con la fornitura dei propri tessuti pregiati [...]

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2021 | 07 | 08 Manteco on Vogue

Manteco on Vogue

Ad aggiungersi durante questa edizione è il Premio Manteco, sostenuto dall’omonima azienda tessile toscana. L’azienda, con l’assegnazione del premio ad Alessandro Vigilante, supporterà il designer con la fornitura dei propri tessuti pregiati per lo sviluppo di due collezioni [...]

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2021 | 07 | 08 Manteco on Il Messaggero

Manteco on Il Messaggero

Si aggiunge, per la prima volta, il “Premio Manteco” sostenuto dall’azienda toscana che, nata nel 1941 e rappresentata dall’ad Marco Mantellassi, è leader nella produzione tessile sostenibile e di lusso. Manteco fornirà i tessuti al vincitore Alessandro Vigilante per le sue future creazioni.

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2021 | 07 | 11 Manteco on LA NAZIONE

Manteco on LA NAZIONE

Un premio a Manteco Tra le 30 aziende top del mercato nazionale. Una ricerca la pone ai vertici generali e di settore del Made in Italy. Mantellassi: orgogliosi di appartenere al distretto tessile pratese. Il distretto pratese vanta realtà di top di gamma, che gli danno lustro nel solco di tradizione, innovazione, qualità dei prodotti e sostenibilità. Sono i tratti distintivi di un bacino vocato al tessile e alla moda che, nonostante l’emergenza sanitaria, non ha mai smesso di credere nella sue potenzialità [...]

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