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2019 | 03 | 22 Manteco on INNOVATION IN TEXTILES


European Commissioner on the Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Elżbieta Bieńkowska has been welcomed in Prato by the mayor Matteo Bittoni and by the Councilor for Productive Activities Daniela Toccafondi, together with the economic categories for a meeting organised by the Department of Economic Development. The meeting was followed by a company visit to the headquarters of Manteco, an Italian fabrics producer. Manteco has been a leader in the production of wool and recycled fabrics since 1943. Led by Matteo and Marco Mantellassi, the company prioritises sharing economy, sustainability, internationalisation and the use of renewable energies – not only as an investment policy but also as a distinctive element for the company’s identity. The company visit was attended by European Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Justina Morek, member of the Commissioner's Cabinet, Beatrice Covassi, director of the Representation of the European Commission in Rome, Slawomir Tokarski, director for advanced and innovative manufacturing in the general direction of the internal market and European Commission industry, MEP Hon. Nicola Danti, Dr Alberto Biginelli, Councilor Daniela Toccafondi, the Mayor of Prato Matteo Bittoni, and the Mayor of the Municipality of Montemurlo Mauro Lorenzini. The key topic was the circular economy, which, along with some others, explored the value of Made in Italy, the importance of a responsible approach to the reuse of resources and the need for a traceability system. The participants also paid a visit to the Manteco Archive, during which the focus has been on raw materials, with reference to the tradition and experience that today are combined with the strong innovative drive and creativity. “I visited a textile company that recycles or reuses waste materials to produce wool of the highest quality: this is an excellent example of circular economy,” commented Elżbieta Bieńkowska. “The circular economy is an extremely interesting subject everywhere in Europe, because we are leaders in sustainability, and we want our children and ourselves to be able to live in a country that is livable in the future, so that's why it is worthwhile to show stories in Europe of success like this, which is a good practice that we are putting into practice, starting with the big industries and the energy-intensive ones.”
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2020 | 01 | 29 Manteco on TEXTINATION


The integrated sustainable network making fashion circular, Made in Italy and 100% traceable World leading textile manufacturer Manteco presents its sustainable path for a better future: The Manteco System. A strategy and a vision shaping the company’s sustainable imprint since 1943. The system consists in the development and engineering of a production network involving 100 partner-companies from the whole supply chain “We all team up responsibly to create premium collection based on transparent , traceable  circular economy practices,” comments Matteo Mantellassi, co-CEO of Manteco. To achieve meeting the demand for fair and sustainable fashion that consumers believe in, and is expected  from our clients, the company and its partners have created and accomplished to a Protocol of Sustainable Values and Commitments in line with the highest standards of the global market. “On a hand, the protocol preserves the unique ‘genius loci’ of our territory – it respects the heritage of all our partners, from the smaller businesses to the more structured ones - on the other hand, it works like a shared compass of sustainable values, allowing the whole supply chain behind Manteco products to stand out and be competitive on the global stage” adds Mantellassi. The protocol and its monitored and traceable system cover virtuous management of resources – e.g. Water, energy and chemical products - waste management and low production impact on the environment but also responsible standards in terms of employment, quality of the working environment, equal rights and anti-discrimination policies. One of the key  results of such commitment and sustainable development is the creation of an upgraded version of the recycled wool  MWool™: a top ingredient made from premium recycled wool process guaranteed by the Manteco System.The System works like a symphony where management, measurement and controls  are not there just to test  the quality of each single phase of processes or  products , but to make sure and offer the complete traceability of Manteco production.  From raw material, to yarn, spinning, finishing, testing and final fabric. With a turnover of over 91m Euro in 2019 and an annual growth of 17,80% since 2012, Manteco SpA is the 4th textile company in Italy, listed in the TOP30 companies of the Italian fashion system. “The unique Manteco system adds value to our products while highlighting the sustainable path we share with all our partners both upstream and downstream”.
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2020 | 09 | 29 Manteco on WWD

Manteco on WWD

Manteco, which has been making circular knits since World War II and today is known for its high-end, upcycled and traceable fabrics. “White is different from traditional textile fairs because it is really a small museum of innovation, an incubator for young designers dedicated to sustainability,” said Marco Mantellassi, who runs the company with his brother Matteo and whose grandfather recycled blankets and military garments during and after the war. During the lockdown, the Mantellassis improved their b-t-b services, promoting their archive of more than 40,000 textiles through hi-res photos and videos. “I’d say that our revenue slid about 15 to 20 percent, which is remarkable in this climate, considering that a lot of our clients saw sales plunge 50 to 60 percent,” Mantellassi commented.
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2018 | 02 | 26 Manteco on CORRIERE DELLA SERA


L’alta sartoria è «green» con i tessuti rigenerati.

A Prato non ci sono solo i cinesi. Manteco, l’azienda tessile della famiglia Mantellassi, festeggia quest’anno i 75 anni di attività e continua a rifornire i grandi marchi del lusso e della moda con i suoi tessuti di alta qualità, famosi per i capi spalla di lana cardata e i finissaggi sapienti. «L’attività è cominciata con mio nonno Enzo nel 1943, poi è subentrato mio padre Franco e adesso ci siamo noi due fratelli, Matteo e Marco», spiega Marco Mantellassi. Il padre Franco, che in maggio festeggia gli 80 anni, ha guidato l’espansione da piccola azienda artigianale a media impresa esportatrice in trenta Paesi e ora che può permetterselo, invece di riposare si è rimesso a studiare, fino a laurearsi recentemente in ingegneria elettronica, con una tesi dedicata ai sistemi digitali per il controllo dei tessuti. «Per noi la ricerca e l’innovazione non finiscono mai», spiega Mantellassi, che attribuisce il successo dell’azienda, passata da un fatturato di 38 milioni nel 2013 ai 72 del 2017, proprio alla costante invenzione di nuovi finissaggi, attraverso processi innovativi e i relativi brevetti. Dall’altro lato, «Manteco è sempre rimasta fedele alla tradizione del made in Italy e non ha mai delocalizzato la produzione, anche quando tutti scappavano nei Paesi più competitivi per il costo basso della manodopera», precisa Marco. «Per noi è importante l’attenzione al dettaglio e non riusciremmo ad averne altrettanta se lo stabilimento fosse altrove», rileva ancora Mantellassi, che punta a distinguersi dai competitor camminando sullo stretto crinale fra artigianalità e industrializzazione. Un altro punto fermo, per Manteco, è la sostenibilità. «Le nostre materie prime sono controllate e tracciate fino alla fattoria d’origine e negli ultimi anni abbiamo aumentato la produzione da tessuti rigenerati, in base ai principi dell’economia circolare, soddisfacendo le esigenze dei clienti con finissaggi che valorizzano anche questi prodotti, una volta considerati di scarto, ma ora sempre più richiesti per motivi di sostenibilità», ragiona Mantellassi. Un nuovo fronte, che per Manteco ha aperto opportunità di crescita. Anche durante la crisi.
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2020 | 10 | 02 Manteco on TOSCANA 24

Manteco on TOSCANA 24

The company from Prato, specialized in recycled wool, continues on the path of sustainability that has made it one of the key players in circular economy, expanding its range of products. The new product is called 'Woolten' and comes from the union of Manteco's MWool Recycled with Tencel, an ecological fiber of beech and eucalyptus produced by the Austrian company Lenzing. The result is a fabric suitable for all seasons, which combines the natural characteristics of both fibers and which has already been appreciated by foreign customers. Woolten fabrics were analyzed by the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, and they ensure savings of 80% of water, 59% of total energy and 79% of carbon dioxide compared to a fabric made with virgin wool. "We are always looking for new materials".
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2018 | 11 | 21 Manteco on LSEG

Manteco on LSEG

Manteco has been selected as one of the "1000 companies inspiring Europe" by London Stock Exchange Group. A report of the London Stock Exchange, celebrating of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK and Europe. As well as identifying 1,000 companies, the annual reports examine in detail the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs and looks at the sectors and trends that will shape the future of the British and European economies. Established in 1943 by Enzo Mantellassi, Manteco has been making high-quality fabrics from virgin and recycled materials for more than 70 years, and now exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. Running the business is the founder’s son, Franco, and grandsons, Marco and Matteo Mantellassi, who have worked hard to keep the family firm thriving in a turbulent period for Italy’s economy. “We still make everything here in Italy and operate from the famous Prato textile district, and the daily challenge of the fabric sector is to help the textile district of Prato stay alive,” explains Marco, CEO. “As a result we invest heavily in the processes of our entire supply chain, because every single company contributes in a fundamental way to the production of the fabric.” The investment is clearly working: Manteco’s production capacity currently runs at over seven million metres of fabric per year, and the firm’s “unique know-how” is now on display via a public archive of more than 40,000 pieces produced by the firm. Marco attributes this success to an integrated supply chain and an unwavering commitment to R&D. “Thanks to very deep R&D activity, the company is able to make products balanced between classic and contemporary, with innovative finishing that enhances virgin and regenerated wool,” says Marco. This novel combination of classic and contemporary has won the firm clients around the world, including international and sustainable fashion brands. “European governments must recognise that the value of the fabric produced in the Prato district is unmatched. These fabrics are produced from old, used garments brought back to life through age-old processes, skilled workmanship and pioneering technology. These raw materials provide a much-needed sustainable option – one that governments should be enhancing and supporting,” Marco says.
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2018 | 11 | 20 Manteco obtains the prestigious certification “2018 CRIBIS PRIME Company”

Manteco obtains the prestigious certification “2018 CRIBIS PRIME Company”

We are proud to share with you that Cribis D&B, the Crif Group company specialized in commercial information about Italian and foreign companies, on October 2018 granted its Prime Company certificate to Manteco– in recognition of its “outstanding credit rating”: RATING 1 and PAYDEX®> 70. This standing is granted to just 3% of Italian companies every year – taking into account their stability and reliability in economic, commercial and financial terms. The certificate is based on Cribis D&B Rating, a constantly updated indicator which records, in a dynamic way, the creditworthiness of a company.
2018 | 03 | 10 Manteco was awarded with the very important “2018 Radical Green Award”

Manteco was awarded with the very important “2018 Radical Green Award”

Manteco has recently won the “Radical Green Award” as a Green Excellence, all of this thanks to its efforts in improving sustainability and lower the environmental impact. The Prize has been assigned within the “Green Week Festival”, an international event taking place every year in Trento to present state-of-the-art innovative practices in sustainable economy. Manteco is always committed to the Made in Italy tradition: it has never relocated production, even when the trend was to move to more competitive countries, due to the lower cost of labor.  Manteco pursues its philosophy by linking craftsmanship and industrialization. «Our raw materials are controlled and traced up to the farm of origin. We have recently increased our production from recycled fabrics, based on the principles of circular economy, meeting the needs of customers, thanks to advanced finishings to enhance these products, now increasingly requested for reasons of sustainability”. CEO Marco Mantellassi says.
2020 | 10 | 24 “Protext!” in collaboration with Archivio Manteco

“Protext!” in collaboration with Archivio Manteco

Recycled, symbolic, protective, fashionable, democratic: an exhibition that investigates the use of fabric as a form of protest.
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2020 | 09 | 08 “The Belt” by Jacopo Benassi in collaboration with Archivio Manteco

“The Belt” by Jacopo Benassi in collaboration with Archivio Manteco

A photographic story, in black and white, which depicts the Prato textile industry and its artisans. Strongly desired by Manteco, it is a work of art commissioned to Jacopo Benassi, probably the most important Italian photographer of the last generation and with an unmistakable style.
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