Manteco MWool® fabrics to create a capsule collection of shirt jackets

Upcycling high-end recycled flannels for a responsible capsule collection

In 2020, Matteo Ward, founder of WRÅD, and Manteco crossed their sustainable lanes and started a close collaboration based on the use of low-impact materials. As Matteo has it: “We started from sharing the values that unite us, the service we both want to provide and the message we want to communicate through fashion”. He had the will of using deadstock fabrics, with no particular attention to the quantity available, and together we went through all of our recycled fabrics and his eyes were caught by Ansedonia, the contemporary flannel by Manteco, which is made with our MWool Recycled and presented with an extremely vast array of both fresh patterns and solid No-dye colors. “We found them perfect for designing and creating a capsule collection of shirt jackets in WRAD style”. These exclusive overshirts are available, do your part by supporting sustainable fashion.

Two key players of sustainability, together for spreading awareness on responsible fashion

In fact, both Manteco and WRÅD particularly care about an educational dimension of sustainability. WRÅD was born first as a training platform to generate awereness around the problem of the environmental and social impact of fashion, while Manteco, in 2018, has established Manteco Academy, which was born as an institution to share the art of recycling and a heritage based on sustainable design, circular economy and traceability. “I understood right away that a partnership with Manteco would not result in a supply of fabrics, but we would work together to strenghten an agenda dedicated to environmental and social justice”.