Manteco deadstock fabrics in "CATHOLIC FAIRYTALES" by PATRICK McDOWELL

In the spirit of supporting the queer community and reclaim a religious space

Patrick McDowell used Manteco deadstock fabrics to create a collection that fosters total inclusivity

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Patricks ambition behind this collection is to reclaim the opulence of the Catholic church for queer people. Celebrating their identity and all of the beautiful people who form the LGBTQIA+ community. Structured silhouettes, embellished details and a bold colour palette build the foundations of the
collection; capturing the Catholic opulence Patrick aims to reclaim. Throughout this collection, Patrick continues to implement sustainable design practices by creating each piece in London with reclaimed materials, such as precious deadstock Manteco fabrics, staying true to his vision of a fairer fashion industry for all.

“To create a collection reclaiming a religious space for myself and the queer community has been both therapeutic and important. Religious views often negatively impact so many queer children, causing lifelong trauma and internalised homophobia. To reclaim this religious space through Catholic Fairytales, I imagine a religion which accepts and embraces all of the beautiful queer people who inhabit it. Throughout this collection, I worked with incredible fabric and yarn producers to use dead stock materials which has been so inspiring. These family-led mills in Italy hold true to my values for a better, and fairer, fashion industry. Working with different groups supporting LGBTQIA + people was paramount for me, for all the incredible work they are doing fighting for our rights I am constantly in awe of their drive to make change.”


A designer who strives to reinvent luxury through a sustainable mindset and moral practices.

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PATRICK McDOWELL is a London based designer captivating the fashion industry. After studying at Central Saint Martins Patrick has gone on to reinvent the role of a fashion designer as we know it today. Proving that it is not only a designers responsibility to create beautiful clothing but also redesign the systems they sit within. McDowell works with a collection of brand partners annually, offering circular solutions that centre systemic change and education. Offering those brands and their teams the tools they need to create meaningful lasting change through ‘Reimagine’ collections that save and monetise dead stock fabrics and clothing. Sustainability is at the core of Patrick’s practice, as he strives to reinvent luxury through a sustainable mindset. Crafted from reclaimed fabrics, and ethically produced materials from the likes of Burberry and Swarovski, his pieces are designed and made with a low carbon foot print in mind. He is a strong advocate for reducing fashion’s global impact through designing with moral practice, with a belief that it is in our ability to unlearn, relearn and change that holds the success to all of our creative futures.