Manteco fabrics for FLAVIA LA ROCCA's Modular Garments

A new attitude towards clothing. Modular and Sustainable Fashion.

To create a never ending wardrobe. To reduce the waste of water, energy and raw materials, bearing in mind the importance of protecting our planet. Made in Italy.

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flavialarocca’s concept is to propose a new attitude towards clothing. A contemporary and modern way to dress up, starting from style matter, having the possibility to change the outfit and customize the pieces with a very simple action, saving time and space. Entire collections are built on modular concept. The clothes are composed of interchangeable modules that, through the use of hidden zippers, can be detached and matched again to create different combinations. Modules from different seasons can be mixed together to create a never ending wardrobe. The design is based on bold and geometric lines with feminine attitude, a dialogue between seasonal perspectives and a timeless but also modern and functional design. The entire process and the concept itself of collections reduces the waste of water, energy and raw materials, bearing in mind the importance of protecting our planet. The possibility to wear the same piece of clothing in different ways or to renew it instead of throw it away make the life cycle of the product longer. The production is entirely Made in Italy in order to cutting down CO2 emissions and limit the transports environment impact. The pieces are made out of recycled, made by new technologies or natural fabrics, all certified.


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Born in 1985 in Rome, Flavia La Rocca is the founder and the designer of the brand that brings her name: flavialarocca. After a BSc in “Scienze della Moda e del Costume” at La Sapienza, in Rome, in 2007 moves to Milan where started her career in various and prestigious press office as Blumarine, Valentino,Vivienne Westwood and Prada. Experience, knowledge and a strong passion have brought Flavia to start working on her own brand in 2013. A signature style of modular clothes defined by geometric lines was immediately apparent in her first collection together with her commitment to sustainability that is part of the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest, and modern company.

“I think that there is a big potential in sustainability, it is the future, the awareness is growing, tecnology help us to find new materials and new process with less impact on the planet, every reality at every stage has the possibility to control how much their work is sustainable, from small reality to the big ones. It is possible to adjust each step of the production in order to have also an ethical way of work. From my point of view, I am proposing a sustainable concept of clothing, I always keep researching new materials and the way to let them more interesting with new techniques. There is no limit , we just need to believe in it and let the people understand that fashion can be glam and stilish but at the same time sustainable and ethical.