Manteco fabrics in "INFANZIA A-MARE" by FEDERICO CINA

The designer’s childhood spent by Romagna seaside and its summer camps

FEDERICO CINA used Manteco fabrics to create a collection that wants to promote the beauty of Romagna heritage

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“We have been collaborating with Manteco for two seasons, it is a company that creates sustainable and recycled fabrics. I am really happy and satisfied with our collaboration and the opportunity to work with a company that allows me to fully support our value of sustainability, while guaranteeing great looks and performance”

Melancholy full of thoughts, childhood memories, summer serenity: a maritime atmosphere that anyone has experienced in his life, at least once. And now, years and years later, remember it with a smile. Federico Cina presented the new collection inspired by the photographic book “Addio Colonia” by Luigi Tazzari, a photographer based in the Romagna region. “Infanzia A-mare” takes as its basis an intimate and personal wish for remembering the designer’s childhood spent by Romagna seaside and its summer camps, now abandoned. With this collection, Federico Cina wants to promote the beauty of Romagna heritage that today is risking to be forgotten.

“I remember the days spent at the seaside when I was a child. My Romagna was also the smell of sun cream, the salty air and the Garbino that gently caressed my shoulders. The minibus used to pick me up at dawn and then drive through the countryside to finally reach the sea. I remember the walls inside the summer camps that used to tell stories of romance and friendships suspended between the past and an eternally present time.”


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FEDERICO CINA is a brand founded in 2019 with one great ambition: becoming a leader in the tailoring world by bringing sophisticated and elegant looks on the catwalk, which describe the romantic essence of the history and culture of Romagna. Deep connections to the designer’s native land emerge from the collections: thanks to a continuous dialogue between generations of the past and present, Romagna history and culture make the brand aesthetics unique. FEDERICO CINA explores the classic tailoring world with a romantic and refined touch based on an experimental approach to materials and colors, with a unique and state-of-the-art style. The brand spirit is constantly surrounded by a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere: a deep sensitivity aimed at enhancing the artisanal aspect, reinterpreting the traditional male silhouette through a new concept of elegance, as clearly explained here.