Manteco fabrics for "URBAN LANDSCAPE" by LAURA STRAMBI

Our precious fabrics in "URBAN LANDSCAPE" by Laura Strambi

Sustainability: a necessary choice. Landscapes and fantasies of a surreal forest contaminate urban atmospheres. A synthesis of rigorous design and liberating and conscious creative energy. Comfort glamour as a style and aesthetic of life. Sustainable fabrics are at the basis of the designer’s research that has always combined contemporary aesthetics and green philosophy. For Fall Winter 2022,  LAURA STRAMBI uses sustainable materials such as natural or recycled fibers or materials that comes from very high technology. Laura Strambi renews and consolidates the collaboration with Manteco, an excellence among textile Italian companies for the research in recycled wool and other fibers. Preserving absolute beauty, the planet we live in, determines a clean but eclectic style in the chromatic choice. LAURA STRAMBI dedicates this collection to a conscious woman with an international identity, who likes to feel herself unique and special with creative divertissement. A collection with a contemporary and refined design for a woman aware of an epochal change. Fluid and masculine line coats realized in recycled wool, plain or check pattern fabrics; Trench coats made with a highly innovative fabric: a completely biodegradable nylon to protect the environment even when the lifecycle of the product ends; Shirts in winter natural dyed silk and organic cotton. All of this in off white, bordeaux wine, camel, denim azure, mint green, shades of pink and blue marine colors.