Creating the "Balbo Coat" with ALESSANDRO SQUARZI

The long-lasting collaboration between Manteco, Alessandro Squarzi and his brand Fortela gave life to the "Balbo Coat"

After the great success of the previous project “Winston Coat”, Alessandro Squarzi, and his brand Fortela, came again at Manteco with another special request: re-creating the iconic military coat of the well-known Italian aviator Italo Balbo. Our Archivio Manteco played again a fundamental role in the whole process, since we had to find another wool fabric that could guarantee the same strenght, functionality and durability of the one we took inspiration from, not to mention the right and typical “army” color.

A special coat that is made to last a lifetime, but with an added value: MWool®

In fact, this new project, the “Balbo Coat”, not only strengthens our collaboration, but also makes it even more special and unique, thanks to the use of a fabric made with MWool®, our new generation of regenerated wool, which guarantees performance and look equal to virgin wool. The beautiful story of this fabric lies also in its color. In fact, this “Lichen” color is obtained thanks to our Recype® process, that is the creation of a color without using chemical dyes, but simply by mechanically mixing various recycled fibers (of different colors) to obtain a new color.