Manteco fabrics for Circular "ReWool" caps by STIKSEN

An unusual and special interpretation of our fabrics made by Stiksen

Stiksen aims at transforming the cap industry. The cap has in some communities become a wear-and-tear fast fashion item with no love for the product itself. As they believe in quality, they focus on producing caps that can be worn for years and years, by producing them with premium fabrics. This is where the ReWool collection comes from. Extremely soft, breathable, exclusive and circular caps made with an MWool® fabric in three different no-dye Recype® colors, all produced by Manteco.

Let's find out more about Stiksen

The name Stiksen originates from co-founder Asim’s childhood when he was regularly asked by one of his teachers to take his cap off in the classroom. At the end of each class, the same teacher would jokingly say in Swedish ”Ta på dig kepsen och stick sen” [Stiksen], which roughly means “Put your cap on and then get out of here”. A funny anecdote, but also a story that brings up the deeper question of what is considered acceptable in our society and why. Stiksen brand strives to contribute to a more inclusive world by removing barriers between cultures. One of the ways they do this is by elevating the cap and making it a suitable garment for every situation.