The corporate effort in research and development

The reason why Manteco is the leading textile company and is always abreast of the times finds its roots in our constant research and pursuit of innovation and perfection.

They represent an important mission, they are part of our DNA, as we have never stopped making large investments, experimenting and enhancing our already advanced technologies and internal quality tests, always remaining faithful to our valuable traditions and rich heritage.

Manteco is strongly committed in creating performance without using chemicals, this is where our MPP (Manteco Performance Project) comes from. Creating performance qualities usually requires the use of environmentally-dangerous materials, such as Elastam; or polluting chemicals, thus giving life to non-recyclable yarns and – by consequence – fabrics, which are extremely dangerous for the environment. Thanks to our innovative in-house lab, we developed this ambitious project, which has given life to naturally stretchy and comfortable woven fabrics (Eco Comfort), and machine-washable wool fabrics (Eco Washable), all of this without resorting to the use of chemicals and non recyclable man-made fibers.

We always think that a good start is half the task. In fact, one of the reasons why MWool distinguishes itself from our competitor’s wool is the way we treat our key ingredient with our innovative and patented Durability Treatment.

It comes directly from our research and innovation department. Through this unique treatment, which is in conformity with Mrsl ZDHC, we ensure the best quality and sanification possible right from the start, and keep it throughout the entire supply chain.

It has been conceived in order not to lose quality on the fiber, making it perfect to be recycled – and reprocessed – over and over again. In fact, thanks to this Durability Treatment, we prevent wool to deteriorate during the storage phase and we increase its durability and resilience, obtaining, as a consequence, high-tenacity yarns, a great shininess and an outstanding life of color.

Thanks to our innovative anti-microbial treatment, we protect fabrics from microbes and prevent them to deteriorate during their life, ensuring the best durability possible and – as a consequence – an increased sustainability.

After many internal analysis and tests, our research and development department has adopted this special treatment, which can be applied on fabrics composed of both cellulosic and animal fibers.

It has an efficient anti-microbial technology which ensures protection from bacterial attacks and a strong bacteriostatic effects. Moreover, our cutting-edge treatment has a non-migrating hygiene effect and freshness technology. It builds a durably fixed, positive-charged protective shield on textile substrates, which shields bacteria and prevents the colonisation and multiplication on textile surfaces.

This mechanism becomes an integral component on the textile, which means it cannot evaporate or be removed by ordinary washing.

It is in conformity with OEKO-TEX, BLUESIGN and EPA REGISTERED.

Our patented test on product’s durability

In order to be defined sustainable, our fabrics must above all be durable, hence our Manteco Durability Project.

Our research and development department constantly strives to find new solutions to offer the best service possible to our customers, in order for them to receive fabrics that are not just luxurious and sustainable, but also a certified guarantee of durability and reliability.

We felt the need of a durability test to apply on our fabrics. After many internal studies and trials, we have managed to patent a cutting-edge durability and aging test called Manteco Durability Test, which allows us simulate the life of a fabric, providing an objective durability result.

We run physical and chemical tests our fabrics, in order to evaluate and prove their performance and potential.

• The variation of their physical aspect after multiple simulated uses.

• The variation of their physical aspect after many maintenance cycles (both dry washing and water washing)

• The decline of their physical resistance to tearing after an intensive rubbing and high abrasion.

• The decline of their physical and dyeing properties after a special chemical treatment, which aim at a partial solubilisation of the fabric, simulating its loss of consistency after an accelerated aging.

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