Mwool Recycled meets Lenzing TENCEL™

WOOLTEN® are patented Manteco fabrics resulting from a collaboration that defined new standards for the fashion system.

Two of the major eco-friendly players in the race to sustainability, Manteco and Lenzing, combined their great materials to create naturally trans-seasonal and green fabrics, unique of their kind. Thanks to our know-how in terms of raw material blending and our visionary design team, we managed to merge two fibers that were thought to be incompatible, MWool Recycled and TENCELfibers, creating a one-of-a-kind sustainable and 100% recyclable fabric: Woolten®. It is a next generation of trans-seasonal fabrics, combining both fibers’ natural characteristics, such as high breathability, long-lasting softness, gentleness on skin and elasticity, not to mention their anti-bacteria feature and biodegradability.

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