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Super Sustainable, Luxurious, Innovative

100% MWool® fabrics

PURE is the next generation of luxury, our PATENTED high-end pure wool fabrics made with 100% MWool®.

Our mission was to take recycled wool to the luxury level. Thanks to the experience and know-how we have gained in 80 years of wool recycling and processing, we managed to create these sustainable 100% MWool® products. The finest pre- and post-consumer luxury garments and high-quality worsted wool scraps are carefully selected, recycled and processed to create these beautiful fabrics, defined by a great look, comfort, sustainability and uniqueness. It is available in different finishing options resulting from our know-how, experience and heritage, providing designers with a wide range of possibilities, from classic and elegant to more sporty looks.

  • 100% RECYCLED
  • 0% DYES

Each color is inspired by and dedicated to a Tuscan artist, sculptor or architect, coming from the middle ages to the Renaissance, up to the Radical Architecture collectives in 1960s.

Just like these people created timeless colors and innovative ideas that have marked history, we created unique Recype® colors by mixing different shades of recycled fibers, without using any added dye or chemical. In fact, when it comes to creating colors in wool recycling, no dye is needed for our company, since pre- and post-consumer garments come already dyed from their former life. Through the Recype® process, our artisans of the raw material department manage to devise new wool colors just by mixing different fibers and shades of colors, developing actual ‘recipes’ of no-dye colors that are archived and reproduced over time.