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The most sustainable pure wool fabric

PURE is the next generation of green luxury, our PATENTED high-end recycled fabrics made with 100% of MWool.

It has been engineered by our design team, working closely with our highly-specialized raw materials department. Thanks to our technology and innovation, after years of research, tests and trials, we finally managed to create a PUre, REcycled luxury fabric. It is the ultimate representation of our DNA, our sustainable circular-economy approach, a green textile par excellence produced within our unique Manteco System. Pre and post-consumer luxury garments and high-quality worsted wool scraps are carefully selected, recycled and processed to create these beautiful fabrics, defined by a great look, comfort, sustainability and uniqueness. It is so beautiful you would not believe it’s recycled. Pure is available on Bi Bye, Ansedonia, Erin, Fox, Ned, Selkis and Stige, many different qualities allowing designers to obtain many results. Plus, it is available in different finishing options resulting from our know-how, experience and heritage, providing designers with a wide range of possibilities, from classic and elegant to more sporty looks.