The sustainable long-hair fabric by Manteco

The flagship for green and exclusive shaggy-look fabrics

These fabrics are our special interpretation of long-hair sustainable fabrics, a growing collection of extra-soft, fleecy and super drapy materials. As per our policy, we always conceive, design and develop options for the same product, this is the reason why this product comes in two compositions. The first one is our flagship Naif, which is made with extra-fine mohair and wool; while the second one is our newly developed Naiffo, which is mohair-free and made of MWool Recycled. Both of these qualities are characterized by a naturally sheen and luxurious look and an outstanding array of No-dye colors, obtained thanks to our know-how and expertise in terms of wool recycling and blending. It is yet another representation of our DNA, our sustainable circular-economy approach, a green textile par excellence produced within our unique Manteco System.

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