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A tribute to our origins, the 'Panno' fabrics by Manteco®

A premium collection of renovated, iconic, evergreen materials that feature a super felted and extra-compact look, an exclusively-developed and innovative blurred single weave, and a strong, dense and warm handfeel

Since 1943, from the first day that Manteco® started to make its way through the textile industry, ‘Panno’ fabrics – also called ‘Melton’ – have always been flagship products and have always been improved over time, in order to meet higher standards. We managed to do a journey and a thorough research back in time, in our Archivio Manteco, and found the first iconic, heavyweight and dense ‘Panno’ fabrics that Enzo used to create with recycled wool. Our will to take inspiration from them and bring them back to life with our science-based, low-impact raw materials, innovative structures, weaves and production processes, always with an eye to our tradition. No matter if virgin or recycled, these materials come sustainable only, as they are made either with MWool®, the next generation of recycled wool, or ReviWool®, the low impact virgin wool. 

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We did a thorough research back in time, in our Archivio Manteco, to bring back to light and renovate the first, iconic ‘Panno’ fabrics

We rediscovered the roots of our long history, We went back to a historical Gualchiera - or ‘felting facility’ - where Enzo apparently used to mill his first ‘Panno’ fabric

Manufacturing perfect Enzo ‘Panno’ fabrics takes a secret and delicate mix of the right felting time, temperature, movement, craftsmanship and speed.

The key phase for the creation of our Enzo fabrics is the finishing, where fabrics are heavily milled – or fulled – to spark the natural shrinkage of wool. A well-made finishing will blur both the yarns and the weave structure underneath, also increasing the fabric’s weight and reducing its width. All of this makes ‘Panno’ – or melton – fabrics extremely durable, warm, comfortable and naturally weatherproof. Just as 80 years ago, the felting of ‘Panno’ fabrics is a manufacturing process where craftsmanship, skills and sensitivity are still crucial and make the difference.