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100% Certified Cotton fabrics

Charka fabrics are named after and inspired by the ancient Indian spinning machines

Through this project, we traced cotton history back to the origins: the Indian Charkha, which is one of the oldest known forms of spinning wheels. In ancient times, Indian women used to spin by hand as a part of their daily activity, giving life to precious and elegantly uneven yarns. Yet Charkha is not only a tool, but also a symbol of the Indian independence movement. In fact, during the rule of the East India Company, cotton trading caused Indian farmers and commoners to suffer from poverty. Mahatma Gandhi initiated the Swadeshi movement by taking up the charkha and encouraging the Indians to spin their own cloth, thus making it a symbol of self-sufficiency and freedom, so much that the first indian flag in history had the Charkha etched in the middle. Inspired by this great story, we studied a special multi-count cotton yarn with the same hand-spun effect and beauty, all without renouncing to sustainability. We used our blend of GRS certified pre-consumer cotton and OCS certified organic cotton, giving life to a vast array of artisanal-looking, elegantly uneven and 100% responsible fabrics that, thanks to the many constructions and weavings we developed, are suitable for numerous interpretations and uses.

Charka fabrics are now also available in some innovative and experimental [MOD] versions

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Charka [MOD] is the brand new and hyper-cool reinterpretation of our tribute to hand-made cottons. We started from our unique and made in Italy GRS+OCS multi-count cotton yarns, then created some ingenious evolutions of our artisanal-looking and elegantly uneven Charka fabrics. The result is an array of MODified, MODernised and MODish certified cotton fabrics.

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