A soft touch of elegance

The next-level MWool with the finest Alpaca fibers.

Bi Careful fabrics are the maximum expression of our MWool Alpaca blend, an elegant collection of precious, soft and extra-warm materials. Our designers had the goal of creating an inspiring fabric, by making the best out of alpaca fibers’ natural silkiness and softness. Thanks to a long and wonderful team work with our raw material department, they managed to create Bi Careful. A unique product representing the greatest mix between luxury (using noble fibers) and sustainability (using MWool Recycled), which is then enhanced by our best construction and heritage finishing processes. All of this is intepreted with an outstanding array of No-dye colors, obtained thanks to our know-how and expertise in terms of wool recycling and blending. It is yet another representation of our DNA, our sustainable circular-economy approach, a green textile par excellence produced within our unique Manteco System.

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