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Radical, Artisanal, Colorful

Futuristic boiled wool fabrics

Baronto is the innovative fabric collection of authentic boiled wool by Manteco, made with 100% of extra-strong virgin worsted wool.

This unique project has been developed by our design team and R&D department, working closely to craft precious, durable, modern-looking and extra-light boiled wool fabrics. It is for us a way to reimagine and renovate one of the oldest and most traditional wool-felting processes, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Thanks to our vision and constant pursuit of perfection, we managed to engineer new structures and finishing processes in order to create Baronto®, special coarse-hand and artisanal-looking boiled wool fabrics, available in a vast array of colors and boasting beautiful and contemporary tones. An important representation of our passion for innovating textile traditions, produced within our unique Manteco System.