Refined, Durable, Luxurious

Reimagined elegant outerwear fabrics

Performing elegance, a major step forward for carded wool outerwear fabrics

Aura is our collection of refined, durable and low-pilling double fabrics; it represents a new standard and a major step forward for luxury outerwear garments made of carded wool, combining great aesthetics and performance at once. These precious fabrics feature a unique warm-yet-dry handfeel, an increased color brilliance and extra-clean look, all of this thanks to a meticulous and cutting-edge finishing procedure and a series of other key factors: exclusively developed carded wool yarns, a denser structure and fine-tuned tridimensional or modern weaves, all enhanced by a specifically-thought finishing process.. Two inter-linked yet different qualities, available with virgin wool or MWool®, or ReviWool®, in different finishings and powerful solid or Recype® colors.

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