"Back to the nature" advertising campaigns by Manteco

Introducing “Back to Nature“, an original Manteco’s Advertising Campaign.

Soft and comfortable materials, simple but technologically advanced. Wood, rocks, forests, roots, leaves, segments of sunshine are the setting for miles of fabric, almost a new home, a safe perimeter among the trees, a place to find shelter. Silent places, which protect without imprisoning.

Here is where the “self” takes shape again, the design fits with the environment, the product adapts itself to the times. Creativity moves his attention to research, an urgent need for well-being and attention to what we are losing: Our Planet.

Shooted in the Tuscan Apennines, the advertising campaign strongly emphasizes the link between Manteco and environmental sustainability.

“We live in an age in which we can’t avoid finding innovative solutions. Reducing the environmental impact of processes and products is a very strong responsibility and we feel committed,both as people and as a company. The use of regenerated wool allows to work with a “circular economy” that gives back to the environment a considerable saving of resources every year”

the Mantellassi brothers say, third generation leading the company. “A strong ethical sense makes us look at the
future of our children, trying to preserve the environment and our savoir-faire culture.The respect towards our planet does not preclude a high level product, the two concepts stay at the same level, today more than ever “.

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